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Experience & Expertise


We have been involved in setting up foundations and estate planning for art collectors; preparing the legal documentation required for running museums; drafting sale, loan, and consignment agreements for individual art works or entire collections; engaging in litigation regarding looted, forged or damaged art works; providing art insurance advice and litigation; and conducting due diligence on import and export matters regarding art works.

We have represented parties before state courts, arbitral tribunals and the ICOM in restitution proceedings as well as copyright and other intellectual property disputes.


We have represented sports organizations and athletes in proceedings before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and state courts, and we have been involved in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for providers of services for sports events such as the Olympic Games and others, in addition to those for athletes and sponsors.


We regularly advise film studios, digital TV network providers and broadcasting companies by negotiating and drafting media-related agreements and representing them in court proceedings.