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Our Approach

At Schellenberg Wittmer, we work to satisfy your needs by providing commercially focused, dedicated legal advice of the highest quality.

Assertive Ally and Vigorous Advocate

We are your assertive ally and vigorous advocate, uncompromising in our quest to achieve the best possible outcomes for you as our client; uncompromising in our integrity. We combine the cutting-edge individual capabilities and the specialized know-how of our 140-plus lawyers with the dynamic power of teamwork to achieve your objectives. In dealing with you, we cultivate a personal, engaging approach and thus maintain a close and responsive relationship with you at all times.

International Reach

  • Extensive cross-border experience: We regularly pilot and take part in large cross-border projects, and are able to quickly set up and coordinate international teams of legal advisors to deal with complex matters.
  • Building on solid international relationships: While decidedly independent, we are building on our long-term experience and relationships with leading law firms around the globe. Within the past year, we have been cooperating with over 200 foreign law firms from more than 40 jurisdictions.
  • A window on the Asian market: Our Singapore affiliate, Schellenberg Wittmer Pte Ltd, enables us to assist clients with their in- and outbound investments in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as with international arbitration.

Recruiting and Rewarding the Best Talent

A meritocratic working culture, fostered by recruiting and rewarding the best talent, ensures that our lawyers consistently provide the highest standards of client service. They bring an enthusiastic, unassuming and innovative approach to all of their business dealings. It is their dedication and hard work that makes the difference. Many of our lawyers, with company support, perform public service and engage in academic teaching and publishing, thus further contributing to the overall excellence of our offering to you.

Management Committee

Benjamin Borsodi
Benjamin Borsodi
Managing Partner

Office Management

Roger Riger
Roger Riger

Daniela Russo
Daniela Russo