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15 April 2009

The turbulent times of the current economic crisis raise new questions and challenges for enterprises and entrepreneurs. The crisis dynamics are fast and unforgiving and it is crucial to be both prepared and ready for the unexpected.

For this reason, we have created the Schellenberg Wittmer Economic Crisis Task Force to offer you fast and competent legal advice encompassing a variety of areas and disciplines.

You can tap into and benefit from the expertise of our specialists, who we have regrouped to form an interdisciplinary, centralized team to evaluate and answer unusual and / or new legal questions.

Given our two locations, Geneva and Zurich, and our broad experience, we are in an ideal position to provide you with our specialized knowledge and services at short notice on a national and international level. Together with our clients we have identified a number of specific topics that will be addressed by specially created interdisciplinary response teams from our firm.

By means of "news flashes" such as this one, we aim to keep you informed, quickly and concisely, and on a regular basis on the most important new developments.

We invite you to contact our team coordinator with specific questions or topics that we will gladly address in a general manner in this newsletter, or in more detail directly with you on a more personal level.

Best regards

Alexander von Ziegler
Task Force Coordinator

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