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10 July 2009

Crises of enterprises can have many different causes. No enterprise can be sure to be spared. Therefore, enterprises are well advised, even obliged by law, to prepare adequately. Once a crisis hits, the enterprise is confronted with many different challenges. Our group of experts aimed at shedding some light on the legal framework for the management of crises and on the special challenges in the area of crisis communication.

Presentations and Speakers:

The duties to be prepared imposed by corporate law,
Dr. Martin Weber, Partner Schellenberg Wittmer

Ready for the fray: Building a professional crisis management,
Dr. Andrea Hemmi, owner, The PR Company

Crisis and criminal proceedings - a particularly strained relationship,
Peter Burckhardt, Partner Schellenberg Wittmer

Liability and insurance in the event of a crisis,
Prof. Dr. Alexander von Ziegler, Partner Schellenberg Wittmer

Relations with the media and the public in a crisis
lic.oec.publ. Jürg Wildberger, Partner, Hirzel.Neef.Schmid Konsulenten

The presentations were all held in German. If you would like to know more about the seminar or the presentations, please contact Regula Schmidhauser at regula.schmidhauser@swlegal.ch.


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