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Schellenberg Wittmer advises in Swiss ship-owners settlement

18 May 2017

One chapter of the existing crisis in the Swiss ship-owning industry has been largely settled via the sale of 12 vessels onto the Swiss market, leaving the Swiss Government with substantial losses resulting from its guarantor position of those particular ships. Schellenberg Wittmer has held a leading counsel role in this matter and transaction - first in the successful arbitration between a Canadian ship-owner against the Swiss shipowner, led by Trade & Transport partner Alexander von Ziegler with the associates Angelina M. Petti and Anya George. And later in negotiating a transaction for the same clients and a Canadian investor in the purchase of 10 of those vessels, led by Alexander von Ziegler and Corporate M&A partner Pascal Hubli. This is – by far – the biggest transaction in the history of the Swiss flag fleet.

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