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Speaking Engagements

16 September 2017

Christopher Boog: Speaker at IBA International Construction Projects Committee Conference in Brussels

Christopher Boog chaired a session at the 2017 IBA International Construction Projects Committee Conference in Brussels on "Solving construction disputes under different arbitration rules: Does it matter and is there a best choice?".

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12 September 2017

Christopher Boog: Speaker at the ALB In-house Counsel Legal Summit in Hong Kong

Christopher Boog presented at the ALB Hong Kong In-house Counsel Legal Summit on "How to Handle ADR Proceedings Like Mediation or Adjudication: Best Practices, Tactical Considerations and Pitfalls".

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07 September 2017

Christopher Boog: In-house Counsel Summit in Tokyo

Christopher Boog addressed in-house counsel at the annual in-house counsel summit in Tokyo on "How to settle a dispute pending arbitration – opportunities, practical tips and pitfalls".

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07 September 2017

Christopher Boog: Speaker at the Swiss Embassy Tokyo Arbitration Conference

Christopher Boog spoke at the Swiss Embassy in Tokyo to Japanese lawyers and in-house counsel on "Swiss Arbitration for Japanese Corporations".

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21 April 2017

Christopher Boog: Delays in International Construction: New Approaches to an Eternal Issue, Istanbul

Christopher Boog spoke at an international construction law conference in Istanbul on ways to better handle delays in international construction arbitration.

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07 April 2017

Christopher Boog: Cambridge Compendium of International Commercial & Investment Arbitration, Vienna

Christopher Boog spoke on "Interim measures by state courts" at a symposium jointly organized by New York University, Bucerius Law School, McGill University and the University of Vienna.

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27 February 2017

Christopher Boog: Asia Congress on Successfully Negotiating and Renegotiating Long Term Gas Supply Contracts, Singapore

Christopher Boog moderated a panel entitled "What are the Pre-Arbitration Mechanisms that Have to Be Complied With?" in disputes arising from long-term gas supply contracts with leading industry experts at this industry conference in Singapore on 27/28 February 2017.

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08 February 2017

Christopher Boog: WIPO Inhouse Counsel Seminar, Singapore

Christopher Boog spoke on the topic of arbitration in the Life Sciences sector at a conference organzied by the World Intellectual Property Organization in Singapore on 8 February 2017.

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03 February 2017

Christopher Boog: ASA Annual Conference 2017, Geneva

Christopher Boog moderated a panel at this year's Annual Conference of the Swiss Arbitration Association, held in Geneva on 3 February 2017.

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19 January 2017

Christopher Boog: Luncheon on "Unconscious Bias in International Arbitration", Stockholm

Christopher Boog participated in a panel discussion in Stockholm on 19 January 2017 on the topic of "Unconscious Bias in International Arbitration". The panel discussed means to address and measures to be taken against various forms of unconscious bias" that appear in the field of international arbitration.

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