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Speaking Engagements

07 November 2012

Christopher Boog: CIArb Young Members Group Conference, Dubai

Christopher Boog spoke on the topic of "Emergency Relief in International Arbitration – Enforcement Issues" at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators' Young Members Group Conference in Dubai on 7 November 2012.

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13 June 2012

Christopher Boog: 10th YAP Colloquium during ICCA 2012

Christopher Boog spoke on the topic of the "Emergency Arbitrator – the new paradigm?" at the 10th Colloquium of the Young Arbitration Practitioners YAP during the 2012 ICCA Congress in Singapore.

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26 March 2012

Christopher Boog: ASA Section Zurich

Christopher Boog spoke on "Emergency Arbitrators: Modeströmung oder Notwendigkeit" [emergency arbitrators: fad or necessity] at the Zurich Section of the Swiss Arbitration Association.

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12 March 2012

Christopher Boog: ICC Training on the 2012 ICC Rules

Christopher Boog was a faculty member and speaker at two workshops organized by the ICC in Paris to introduce the revised ICC Rules of Arbitration.

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01 November 2011

Christopher Boog: IBA Annual Conference Dubai 2011

Christopher Boog spoke on "Arbitration: Special Skills Required from Counsel" during a session on Advocacy in Commercial Motions and Appeals during the Annual Conference of the International Bar Association, which took place in Dubai between 30 October and 4 November 2011.

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17 October 2011

Christopher Boog: ICC YAF event in London

Christopher Boog was on a panel at an event on the New ICC Rules of Arbitration organized by the Young Arbitrators Forum of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC YAF) in London on 17 October 2011. He spoke on the interplay between emergency arbitrators and State courts.

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04 October 2011

Christopher Boog: 2012 ICC Rules Launching Event in Vienna

Christopher Boog recently presented the new Emergency Arbitrator proceedings of the 2012 ICC Rules at a launching event for the said Rules organized by ICC Austria. The event took place in Vienna on 3/4 October 2011.

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23 September 2011

Christopher Boog: 3rd AIJA Arbitration Conference in Warsaw

Christopher Boog was invited give a keynote speech at the 3rd Annual Arbitration Conference of the Association International des Jeunes Avocats AIJA in Warsaw. His presentation centered on the role of experts in international construction disputes.

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