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Experience & Expertise

Our Information and Communication Technology Group represents clients in proceedings that involve:

  • Dafting and negotiation of ICT contracts (e.g. license, support, system, XaaS);
  • ICT projects and transactions, including conception, structuring, contract drafting, negotiations, SLAs and legal assistance in implementation (e.g. transition, transformation);
  • Issues related to internet, e-commerce, Web 2.0, and the Internet of Things (e.g. disclaimers and terms of use, regulatory framework);
  • Contracts and legal advice in matters of communication technology (e.g. regulatory, lawful intercept);
  • Data protection issues (e.g. data pooling, data offshoring, questions related to records management, big data);
  • Legal impacts of emerging technologies (e.g. wearable devices);
  • ICT compliance issues (e.g. license management, open source software, regulatory framework);
  • Regulatory aspects of technology and telecommunications;
  • Commercial litigation, arbitration and criminal proceedings related to ICT disputes.

Deals and Cases

  • SAP and infrastructure outsourcing for a major plant engineering company, a Swiss life insurance company, and a major Swiss hospital;
  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts for a new ICT platform of a global indemnity insurance company, and of a national health and accident insurance provider;
  • Full outsourcing of the core banking platform and ICT services, operations and management for a major bank in Switzerland, including the transfer of several hundred employees, with a total contract volume of CHF 2 billion;
  • Outsourcing of ICT infrastructure and applications for a leading European retailer, including the transfer of 100 employees;
  • Negotiation of an intellectual property assignment agreement for financial software between a global international organization and a European governmental body;
  • Court representation of a multinational life sciences company in its defense of injunctions and claims raised by a software licensor;
  • Representation in court and arbitration proceedings of an international retail chain in its disputes with a software licensor and an outsourcing provider;
  • Advice to a manufacturer for its use of open source software and to a global pharmaceutical company in the bankruptcy of a software licensor;
  • Analysis and drafting of data protection guidelines for a customer loyalty scheme set up by one of Switzerland’s major retailers.