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The M&A Perspective

Legal changes, economic developments, and societal trends in Switzerland and beyond affect deal making and deal shaping in very particular ways. That is why M&A practitioners have a unique perspective on many of these issues. We are pleased to introduce a new concise publication which will provide you regularly with The M&A Perspective on such developments.

31 August 2017

The M&A Perspective - August 2017

Why "Protecting the Digital Citizen" Matters for Swiss M&A

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11 April 2017

The M&A Perspective - I/2017

Anti-Corruption Legislation – On the Road to Global Zero-Tolerance? / Data Protection Laws in Motion – Challenge for Compliance and Due Diligence / Europe à la Carte – Avoiding/Leaving the Purview of the European Court of Justice?

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23 December 2015

The M&A Perspective - III/2015

U.S. Department of Justice "Swiss Bank Program": A Path to Certainty for M&A Deals in 2016? / European Safe Harbor Ruling: Does it Matter in Swiss M&A Deals? / Currency Risks and Interest Rates: Continuing Challenges for Contract Drafters

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29 July 2015

The M&A Perspective - II/2015

Implementation of Revised Recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) of 2012 - Some Points to Bear in Mind for Private M&A Deals / M&A Insurance - An Alternative to Traditional Risk Allocation between Seller and Purchaser / Shareholder Loans and Dividends - A Possibly Fatal Financial Assistance Cocktail

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27 February 2015

The M&A Perspective - I/2015

Swiss Franc Fluctuation - How it Matters to M&A / Swiss Corporate Tax Reform - Switzerland will Remain Attractive / Swiss Corporate Law Reform - No Cause for (Immediate) Excitement or Concern

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02 October 2014

The M&A Perspective - III/2014

Sanction Compliance - An Increasingly Important Risk Factor in Transactions / Inversion Transactions - Destination Switzerland or "Game over"? / Equity Crowdfunding Platforms - The Future of Early Stage Venture Capital?

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15 May 2014

The M&A Perspective - II/2014

Favorable Tax Rulings as Unlawful State Aid in the EU - Beware of Repayment Obligations / Swiss Popular Initiative "Against Mass Immigration" - What Are the Consequences? / Court Decision on Swissair Cash Pooling - A Red Flag for Past Dividends?

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04 March 2014

The M&A Perspective - I/2014

Restructuring Law Amended – More Certainty for Distressed M&A Deals / Executive Compensation - A New Playing Field for Shareholder Activists? / Regulatory Flood in the Finance Industry – Prompting a Wave of Asset Deals?

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