Our core values and approach

Leaders in our field
Business law has become too complex of late to take a generalist approach, which is why we will help you specialise early on in your career. Many of our lawyers are recognised leaders in their fields and are also involved in academia and professional associations.

International scope
Schellenberg Wittmer is regularly involved in complex cross-border deals and multi-jurisdictional disputes. Our resolutely international firm works in several languages and has offices in Zurich, Geneva and Singapore. Most of our lawyers have an international background, having studied or worked abroad, and many are qualified in foreign jurisdictions. As an associate, you will work closely with counsel from multinational companies and lawyers from overseas firms. We regularly assist associates in gaining international work experience.

Team approach
We believe in brains, merit and independent thinking at all levels. To achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients, we take a collaborative cross-cutting approach by handpicking the best lawyers for each client matter from our specialist practice groups.

Work-life balance
Being a lawyer in a top-tier firm is challenging. Although clients are always our number one priority, we understand that your private life is equally important. We will do our utmost to help you manage your work-life commitments through adequate staffing, flexible working hours, remote access and part-time schedules where appropriate.

What we offer

100% challenge 0% boredom
We are among a small number of Swiss law firms offering the chance to work on the most exciting and complex international deals and disputes.

Become a great lawyer
At Schellenberg Wittmer, you will receive on-the-job training and be in direct contact with clients. Through regular practice team meetings and workshops, you will have the opportunity to learn from peers and keep abreast of the latest legal developments. You will work in a specialized practice team with several partners allowing you to observe a range of approaches and working styles. In the Schellenberg Wittmer Master Classes, you will receive firm-wide training to improve your interpersonal and advocacy skills.

Regular and detailed feedback
Together, we will discuss your strengths and where we see room for improvement. Each year, you will set yourself individual targets and receive detailed feedback based on your performance.

Structured career path
Generally, after three years with the firm, you will be promoted to Senior Associate. After four to five years as an associate, we will discuss your eligibility for partnership. If successful, you will be put on the partner track. The partnership decision typically takes place after seven to eight years’ working as an associate. For highly specialized lawyers (or as a transition to partnership), we also offer counsel positions.

Enjoyable working environment
We believe the best results are achieved by working in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. We frequently organize social events such as lunches, after-work drinks and skiing weekends with the aim of fostering good relations and collaborative working practices among colleagues. Many of these close ties continue even after colleagues have left the firm as demonstrated by our highly active alumni network. However, we do not expect you to take our word for it! Why not ask one of our associates?

Over to you

Do you have excellent qualifications and want to become the best lawyer you can be? 
If so, then why not apply now? We generally conduct two interviews for associate positions. In the first interview, two partners will talk to you about the firm and its specialized practice groups. During the second interview, you will meet a wider group of partners and have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with an SW associate.


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