Running a Reputable Business

Doing business responsibly and carrying it out in an ethical and transparent manner is of utmost importance to our board members.

Equipping our people with the correct training and support in doing the right thing is supported by a mandatory compliance training, guided by our compliance policy and a code of conduct.

The core idea is that as a leading law firm, we are not just another business. Integrity is the most important trait we expect from our lawyers and employees. In order to preserve the firm's integrity and our reputation, SW's approach to compliance is based on three pillars:

1) The law

2) Sound ethical judgment

3) The firm’s Code of Conduct

Our incident and business continuity planning is constantly reviewed as we proactively assess our approach to operational risk and resilience.

We work with reputable clients and vendors who meet our defined business standards. We also identify opportunities to actively engage with relevant bodies and organizations to support external initiatives promoting responsible and ethical business practices.


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