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Arbitration Case Digest

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court renders 40-50 decisions annually on petitions to set aside awards rendered by international arbitral tribunals seated in Switzerland. Members of our International Arbitration Practice Group prepare regular updates summarizing and analyzing these decisions.

The case updates are available on this web page. You can also sign up to our Arbitration Case Alert and receive monthly updates. For further case updates from other jurisdictions and other arbitration-related publications, see

CAS decision on timely filing of submission not open to challenge


Case Number: 4A_287/2019 (6 January 2020)

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Arbitral Tribunal's broad interpretation of objective scope of arbitration agreement upheld


Case Number: 4A_342/2019 (6 January 2020)

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Two investment arbitration awards upheld: corruption and illegality allegations must be based on facts in award or on general knowledge


Case Number: 4A_244/2019 and 4A_246/2019 (12 December 2019)

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Ex parte communications between party-appointed arbitrator and counsel not necessarily indicative of lack of impartiality and independence


Case Number: 4A_292/2019 (16 October 2019)

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ICC award partially set aside on grounds of extra petita


Case Number: 4A_294/2019 (13 November 2019)

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CAS decision declining jurisdiction over Algerian football dispute upheld


Case Number: 4A_268/2019 (17 October 2019)

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Counsel's conflict of interest and late filing of appeal in CAS arbitration are admissibility and not jurisdictional issues


Case Number: 4A_413/2019 (28 October 2019)

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Notification of incomplete award may still trigger time limit to appeal award


Case Number: 4A_264/2019 (16 October 2019)

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Court finds state not bound by arbitration clause signed by state-owned entity


Case Number: 4A_636/2018 (24 September 2019)

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Tribunal's discretion to call a witness confirmed


Case Number: 4A_74/2019 (31 July 2019)

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Challenge of CAS award related to football corruption scandal dismissed


Case Number: 4A_494/2018 (25 June 2019)

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Tribunal costs in domestic arbitration not manifestly excessive despite irregularities in time entries


Case Number: 4A_49/2019 (15 July 2019)

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