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The Swiss Federal Tax Administration's Revised CRS Guidance – What's New?


Published by IFC

Fabianne de Vos Burchart


The Influence of the IFRS on the Financial Management Duties of the Board of Directors under Swiss Law


in: Schweizer Schriften zum Handels- und Wirtschaftsrecht (SSHW), Band 349, Zürich 2021

Daniele Simoniello


Die Aktie ohne Dividende


Theorie und Praxis des Unternehmensrechts, Festschrift zu Ehren von Lukas Handschin, Zürich 2020, S. 599 ff.

Daniele Simoniello, Jung Peter, Krauskopf Frédéric, Cramer Conradin


Die Überwachung der Liquidität durch den Verwaltungsrat


in: SJZ 113/2017, S. 541 ff.

Daniele Simoniello


Is the tariff greener on the other side? An analysis of the Ukrainian green tariff changes and the threat of investment treaty claims


Periballon & Dikaio, Special Issue on Environment & Law, Issue 3/2020, 24th volume

Anastasiia Dulska, Leonid Shmatenko, Rechtsanwalt (Germany), Foreign Lawyer (Geneva)



Award finally upheld after case remanded twice to same arbitral tribunal (Swiss Supreme Court)


Anastasiia Dulska, Anya George



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